Businesses worldwide have made
the strategic decision to bear the resources necessary to store and tokenize their customer’s credit and debit card data in their own PCI DSS Level 1 or 2 environments for future payment processing.

CardSync Merchants

CardSync values and embraces the notion that future sale
revenues from stored payment card data is a corporate asset worth protecting and controlling. We understand lost revenues and expenses caused by outdated credit and debit card data which often result in significant losses to the bottom line.

CardSync’s platform will enhance the freedom, control, and leverage that comes with managing payment card revenue by providing card account updates directly from Card Issuer’s worldwide. No matter your scheduled billings, card-on-file, or major Card Brand, CardSync works day and night directly with Card Issuer’s to deliver updated card information for any lost, stolen, expired cards, and/or account closures.

Whether your business revenue model consists of recurring, card-on-file, or both, CardSync will deliver card timely updates to your environment for all the major Card Brands regardless of the number of Processors, Acquiring Banks, or Payment Gateways you may be using now or in the future and without requiring any processor-specific authorization codes.

With a simple and straightforward RESTful API integration our Enterprise Level Merchants experience a truly Universal, Automated, and Independent Account Updater Solution that is up and running in less than 3 business days.

CardSync is pleased to be the first and only solution of its kind.

CardSync Merchants
CardSync works with the following card association programs and their ever-growing list of Card Issuers throughout the world.
Visa® Account Updater (VAU)

Visa® Account Updater

Mastercard® Automatic Billing Updater (ABU)

Mastercard® Automatic
Billing Updater (ABU)

American Express® Cardrefresher™

American Express®

Discover® Global Network Account Updater

Discover® Global Network
Account Updater


Revenue Retention:

Avoid interruptions in payments that often result in cancelled sale orders or services.

Omnichannel Designed:

Regardless of the number of merchant accounts, different payment providers, and your geographic footprint, card account inquiries are fulfilled without the need for Processor specific Authorization codes.


No longer being beholden to payment processors for account updater services that may or may not fit all your organizational needs, CardSync provides flexibility to negotiate processing fees and related services with providers that may not have been previously considered. CardSync simply increases your independence from all payment-related service provider.


Receive consumable daily reports showing which cards where changed, why they were changed, and card account closures.

Cut Administrative

CardSync means no more following up with customers to get their updated details.

Improve Customer Loyalty:

Cuts customer service expenses by avoiding support needs caused by payment interruptions.